We Build, Acquire, Grow, & Sell Digital Assets

With a Twist

Disrupting an industry is a heavy and often overused term, but it perfectly describes what we’re all about.

We’ve identified the six main difficulties experienced by people in our industry


Super-high broker fees if you’re trying to sell your business


Inflated valuations if you’re trying to buy a business


Long learning cycle & high failure rate when launching a business from scratch


Very expensive and inefficient options for growing your business (Operators)


Inability to passively invest your capital with confidence


Inability to passively invest your capital with confidence

We decided to take action and solve all these issues. We’ve deployed our years of experience and our own capital into creating solutions for all these pain points.

Here’s how we’re doing it

Our Companies

Investors Club

The website investing industry is currently booming, and many of the major players are taking advantage of that by maintaining the status quo. This means that 15%+ broker fees, templated due diligence reports, and poor customer support have become industry standards. Not anymore.
We’ve created a completely custom and private marketplace where the entire deal flow undergoes rigorous due diligence that results in a very detailed report.
On top of that, we’re helping buyers and sellers with all the required legal documentation, asset transfer, and inspection – for a fraction of the cost.

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If you’re an investor who is interested in acquiring a digital asset, but you don’t have the know-how or a team to run and grow it for you – we’ve got you covered.
We’ve been scaling online businesses for over a decade. Now, we’ve streamlined all our systems and processes as a service to you.

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Alpha Investors

If you want to learn how to start an online business from scratch, we’ve created multiple content hubs that cover everything you need to know to do it properly.
If you’re not a DIY type, our team will do it for you.

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Barbell Jobs

Our latest acquisitions is a unique job board in the fitness space. If you're into CrossFit or functional fitness, this is THE place to go to get hired or to hire competent talent.
It's still in early beta, but we have high hopes (and expectations) for this project.

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